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Use placeholder Attributes as Label.
<!doctype html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
[placeholder] { position: relative; }
/* not functional - attr(...) is not part of the shadow-dom parent element :-/;
[placeholder]::-webkit-input-placeholder::before { position: absolute; display: block; content: attr(placeholder); bottom: -1.5em; left: 0; color: #000; }
/* but this is functional - in webkit Browsers */
[placeholder]::-webkit-input-placeholder::before { position: absolute; display: block; content: "Hi there"; bottom: -1.5em; left: 0; color: #000; }
<form><input placeholder="fancy label" type="text"></form>
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arnehormann commented Feb 5, 2013

I created this as an experiment after reading - but this webkit only and leading nowhere, I can't access the placeholder attribute value from my custom label.

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