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Last active Nov 22, 2019
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// AngelCAD code. Demonstrate fillet between two plates

solid@ fillet(solid@ obj, double r)
   // create a cube enclosing the object completely
   // with an internal void shaped by the object
   boundingbox@ box =;
   pos3d@ c  =; 
   solid@ d1 = translate(c.x(),c.y(),c.z())*cube(box.diagonal()*2,center:true) - obj;
   // make the void smaller
   solid@ m1 = minkowski3d(d1,sphere(r));
   //  subtract from the object
   return obj - m1;

shape@ main_shape()
   double r = 3;  // fillet radius
   // add fillet radius thickness on all sides of the cubes
   // since we will "machine" it away later in fillet operation
   double rth = 2*r;
   // bottom plate and center point
   solid@ plate = cuboid(20+rth,50+rth,2+rth);  
   pos3d@ cp    =; 
   // extrusion and extrusion height
   solid@ extr  = cuboid(10+rth,2+rth,10+rth,center:true); 
   double eh    =; 
   // union the two and machine away to create fillet
   return fillet(plate+translate(cp.x(),cp.y(),cp.z()+eh/2)*extr,r);

void main()
   shape@ obj = main_shape();
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