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Last active May 26, 2020
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// AngelCAD code:
// (Adapted from USB-Winkeler-bug.scad by Dietrich)

// calbe diameter
double d1 = 5;
// 90º Radius
double r1= 20;
//wall thickness
double wt = 2;
// tolerance
double tol = .4;//.1

solid@ connector() 
   shape2d@ cs = translate(r1,0)*circle(r:0.5*(d1+tol));
   return translate(r1,0)* rotate_y(deg:-90)*rotate_extrude(cs, deg:90);

solid@ tubify()
   solid@ c = connector();
   return minkowski3d(c,sphere(r:wt)) - c;

shape@ main_shape()
   return tubify();

void main()
   shape@ obj = main_shape();
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