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  • AI enabled copy paste, on device neural networks (TensorFlowLite)
  • Picture in Picture
  • Autofill API
  • Vital: Improving battery life / core services
  • Kotlin support
  • Kotlin Foundation
  • Instant apps open to all
  • Android Go: Rethinking android for third world: Lighter apps, slimmer OS, data compression, api for network operators to manage usage/payments (top up)
  • Downloadable fonts
  • Emoji compat
  • Autoresizing text
  • Google Protect: UI for safe apps
  • Notification badges



  • Stand alone devices coming this year: Lenovo and Vive
  • Indoor Visual Positioning System VPS
  • DayDream 2.0: Support for cast, experience sharing via YouTube, Viewing parties on YouTube for 360 video, System Windows inside VR (entire notification shade)
  • DayDream on S8
  • Seurat for DayDream: Reduce complex geometry in high quality (movie level) 3D models for mobile VR
  • Google Expeditions for AR
  • WebAR build for Chromium


  • Second generation Tensor Processing Unit that can train other machine learning algorithms
  • Cloud Machine Learning Engine
  • Firebase and Fabric coming together (Google bought Fabric from Twitter a few months ago)
  • Bot publishing platform with Actions on Google / / Chatbase


  • Push on Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)
    • Behavior similar to mobile app experience (on launcher, home screen etc)

Misc Products

  • Google Lens: AI for video and photos
  • Google Photos: Shared Libraries, Auto suggestions, Photo Books, Lens for object recognition
  • Google home across screens
  • Youtube "promoted comments" (like Twitch)
  • Google for Jobs: Google search experience for job search
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