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arrowcircle/gcode Secret

Created Nov 21, 2017
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Pandora cnc problem
N100 G21
N110 G0 G17 G40 G49 G80 G90
N120 T5 M6
N130 G0 G90 G54 X-9. Y0. A0. S10000 M3
N140 G43 H5 Z20.
N600 G1 Z2. F1000.
N610 G3 X0. Y-9. I9. J0. F3000.
N620 X9. Y0. I0. J9.
N630 X0. Y9. I-9. J0.
N640 X-9. Y0. I0. J-9.
N650 G1 Z1. F1000.
N660 G3 X0. Y-9. I9. J0. F3000.
N670 X9. Y0. I0. J9.
N680 X0. Y9. I-9. J0.
N690 X-9. Y0. I0. J-9.
N700 G1 Z0. F1000.
N710 G3 X-7.934 Y-4.249 I9. J0. F3000.
N720 G1 Z1.
N730 G3 X0. Y-9. I7.934 J4.249
N740 X.288 Y-8.995 I0. J9.
N750 G1 Z0. F1000.
N760 G3 X7.646 Y-4.747 I-.288 J8.995 F3000.
N770 G1 Z1.
N780 G3 X9. Y0. I-7.646 J4.747
N790 X7.646 Y4.747 I-9. J0.
N800 G1 Z0. F1000.
N810 G3 X.288 Y8.995 I-7.646 J-4.747 F3000.
N820 G1 Z1.
N830 G3 X0. Y9. I-.288 J-8.995
N840 X-7.934 Y4.249 I0. J-9.
N850 G1 Z0. F1000.
N860 G3 X-9. Y0. I7.934 J-4.249 F3000.
N870 G0 Z20.
N880 M5
N910 M30
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