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Created Aug 16, 2017
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SIG-Service-Catalog LGTM Policy Retro 8/17/2017

This PR was merged on July 19, 2017:

In the thread on that PR, both jdumars and I suggested that we try the change out and then have a retrospective on how that change has affected:

  1. Our ability to actively get a PR merged
  2. The quality of the project over the month of the LGTM policy as of this PR

I'll be facilitating an initial 15 minute retrospective.

If you have opinions on either of those topics, please bring them to present at this meeting. I am going to focus this discussion on opinions backed up with data that show trends over the 7/19 - 8/17 time frame.

If we need to extend the retro to additional time, I will schedule that additional time.

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