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Last active May 18, 2018
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Cloud Native PDX May 17 2018 Demo Commands
echo "OSBA (the broker for Azure) and service-catalog (the adapter for Kubernetes) are installed:"
helm list
echo "we also have a cool catalog of services we can create and hook up to:"
kubectl get clusterserviceclasses
echo "that's lame ... let's use svcat to see a friendly version:"
svcat get classes
echo "let's create a new wordpress deployment with our one-liner"
helm install azure/wordpress --name wp-live --namespace wp-live
echo "it's backed by a new Azure DB:"
svcat get instances -n wp-live
svcat get bindings -n wp-live
echo "the pod is also not started yet, because it's waiting for service-catalog to create the secret"
kubectl get pods -n wp-live
echo "the mysql creation is gonna take some time... let's use our WP deployment that I already spun up"
helm status wp
echo "notice the ServiceInstance and ServiceBinding. let's inspect those"
svcat get instances -n wp
svcat get bindings -n wp
echo "service-catalog spit out a secret that has the Azure MySQL creds:"
kubectl get secrets -n wp
echo "here's what is in the secret:"
kubectl get secret -n wp wp-wordpress-mysql-secret -o yaml
echo "and the pod is up and running"
kubectl get pods -n wp
echo "now let's see the WP deployment in action"
echo "get the IP of the load balancer"
IP=$(kubectl get svc -n wp wp-wordpress -o="jsonpath={.status.loadBalancer.ingress[0].ip}")
echo "now go to that IP"
open http://$IP
echo "now log into the admin page"
echo "note: the username/password is user/gg5cRlMN7y. that's for this install only. your install will have a new one"
open http://$IP/wp-admin
echo "create a new blog post, and enjoy!"
echo "check out for more details on all this tech :)"
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