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Last active May 5, 2020
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Add podcast to your site

This recipe adds podcast support to your Gatsby site using @arshad/gatsby-theme-podcast-core.

Install NPM packages

Enable @arshad/gatsby-theme-podcast-core in gatsby-config.js.

<GatsbyPlugin name="@arshad/gatsby-theme-podcast-core" options={{ feedUrl:, basePath: /podcast, episodesPerPage: 5, podcast: { name: Name of Podcast, description: Short description for your podcast, image: assets/images/podcast-artwork.jpg, social: [ { name: Apple Podcast, url:, }, { name: Google Podcast, url:, }, ], }, }} />

Copy default episodes page component.

Copy artwork to `assets/images/podcast-artwork.jpg"

Awesome! You are now ready to add configure your podcast:

  • Open gatsby-config.js and fill in the feedUrl and podcast details.
  • Then run gatsby develop

You will see your new podcast page at /podcast.

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