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loadMap : function(component,event,helper,account) {
var mapsArray = [];
for(let index=0; index < account.length; index++){
var Mobj = {
location: {
Street: account[index].BillingStreet,
City: account[index].BillingCity,
PostalCode: account[index].BillingPostalCode,
State: account[index].BillingState,
Country: account[index].BillingCountry
icon: 'standard:account',
title: account[index].Name,
description: account[index].Website
component.set('v.mapMarkers', mapsArray);
component.set('v.centerObj', {
location: {
City: 'Noida'
component.set('v.zoomLevel', 12);
component.set('v.markersTitle', 'Accounts locations');
component.set('v.showFooter', true);
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