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Add / Remove for Adobe CQ5 VLT
# remove from CRX all files deleted from file system
$ vlt st | grep ! | cut -c 2- | xargs -I {} vlt rm {}
# add to CRX all files not yet in vlt control
$ vlt st | grep \? | cut -c 2- | xargs -I {} vlt add {}
# add all missing files into the CRX
vlt st | grep ^A | cut -c 2- | xargs -I {} vlt commit --force {}
# copy all modified files into the CRX
vlt st | grep ^M | cut -c 2- | xargs -I {} vlt commit --force {}
# delete all deleted files from the CRX
vlt st | grep ^D | cut -c 2- | xargs -I {} vlt commit --force {}
# strip .vlt files from all directories below the current dir
find . -name "*.vlt" -exec rm -rf {} \;
# setup vlt
# navigate to jcr_root
cd .../ui/src/main/content/jcr_root
# checkout files
vlt --credentials admin:admin co --force http://localhost:4502/crx

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@asabaylus asabaylus commented Jul 19, 2012

When your using Adobe VLT to work with code in CQ5, you'll often see the following when running '''vlt st'''

[blocking][~/Sites/]$ vlt st
? components/base/acsBanner
? components/base/acsFooter
? components/base/acsHeader
! components/general/form/actions
! components/general/form/constraints
! components/general/form/defaults
! components/general/form/start
? components/pages/acsArticle
M components/pages/undergrad/analytics.jsp
? components/pages/undergrad/analytics.jsp.orig
M docroot/responsive.css
M docroot/
M docroot/
? templates/acsArticle
M templates/undergrad/.content.xml

Running the above will add / remove the files so that you can '''vlt commit'''

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