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Last active Sep 4, 2021
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mods that are replaced by patcher and can be safely removed when using

mods replaced by patcher

CaseCommands - Sk1er LLC

CommandPatcher - Sk1er LLC

CompactChat - Sk1er LLC

CrossChat - Sk1er LLC

Frames+ - Sk1er LLC

ItemOptimizations - Sk1er LLC

MouseBindFix - Sk1er LLC

ResourceExploitFix - Sk1er LLC

WindowedFullscreen - Sk1er LLC

CleanView - LainMI

FastChat - 2Pi

MemoryFix - prplz

MouseDelayFix - prplz

NoCloseMyChat - Cecer

VanillaEnhancements - OrangeMarshall

VoidChat - skyerzz

BetterScaledGUI - Moulberry

HUDCaching - Moulberry

mods not replaced by patcher which have recommended alternatives

5zigReborn - RoccoDev ~ Replaces 5zig. 5zig was abandoned sometime in 2018/2019, and is now very outdated and no longer being supported in mods by Sk1er LLC. Your config from the original 5zig will not reset.

DJPerspectiveMod - DJTheRedstoner ~ Replaces Canelex's perspective mod, has better compatibility and extra features.

Sk1er Old Animations - Sk1er LLC ~ Replaces OrangeMarshall's & spiderfrogs old animations, made with compatibility and performance in mind. This is beta software and requires you to join our Discord.

known conflicts that wont/can't be resolved

5zig: Poorly made, old, & unmaintained.

SpiderFrog's Old Animations:

  • Overwrites many things unnecessarily, causing issues like breaking MouseBindFix.
  • Bloated with things unrelated to old animations such as ToggleSprint. Recommended ToggleSprint alternative here.
  • Contains memory leaks and performance issues.
  • Missing some 1.7 Animations (Sneaking for example).

OrangeMarshall's Old Animations:

  • Overwrites many things unnecessarily, causing issues like breaking OptiFine CIT.
  • Does not look like 1.7.
  • Missing some 1.7 Animations (Sneaking for example).

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@JosTheDude JosTheDude commented Sep 4, 2021

This is a note for future users of this list.
Perspective mod is now bannable on the Hypixel Network.
Please that to consideration when looking through and downloading the suggested mods.

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