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A very hacky workaround for the "Index pages" issue. see
import org.apache.tapestry5.EventContext;
import org.apache.tapestry5.SymbolConstants;
import org.apache.tapestry5.TapestryConstants;
import org.apache.tapestry5.internal.EmptyEventContext;
import org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.MethodAdviceReceiver;
import org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.OrderedConfiguration;
import org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.annotations.Advise;
import org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.annotations.Contribute;
import org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.annotations.Primary;
import org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.annotations.Symbol;
import org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.MethodAdvice;
import org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.MethodInvocation;
public class RoutingHacksModule {
private static final EventContext EMPTY_CONTEXT = new EmptyEventContext();
@Advise(serviceInterface = ComponentEventLinkEncoder.class)
public static void noIndexPages(MethodAdviceReceiver receiver) throws NoSuchMethodException {
receiver.adviseMethod(ComponentEventLinkEncoder.class.getMethod("decodePageRenderRequest", Request.class), new MethodAdvice() {
public void advise(MethodInvocation methodInvocation) {
PageRenderRequestParameters parameters = (PageRenderRequestParameters) methodInvocation.getReturnValue();
if (parameters != null && parameters.getLogicalPageName().toLowerCase().endsWith("index"))
public static void setupCustomDispatcher(OrderedConfiguration<Dispatcher> configuration,
final ComponentRequestHandler componentRequestHandler,
final ComponentClassResolver componentClassResolver,
final @Symbol(SymbolConstants.APPLICATION_FOLDER) String applicationFolder) {
configuration.add("MyRootDispatcher", new Dispatcher() {
public boolean dispatch(Request request, Response response) throws IOException {
// The extended name may include a page activation context. The trick is
// to figure out where the logical page name stops and where the
// activation context begins. Further, strip out the leading slash.
boolean hasAppFolder = applicationFolder.equals("");
String applicationFolderPrefix = hasAppFolder ? null : "/" + applicationFolder;
String path = request.getPath();
if (applicationFolderPrefix != null) {
int prefixLength = applicationFolderPrefix.length();
assert path.substring(0, prefixLength).equalsIgnoreCase(applicationFolderPrefix);
// This checks that the character after the prefix is a slash ... the extra complexity
// only seems to occur in Selenium. There's some ambiguity about what to do with a request for
// the application folder that doesn't end with a slash. Manuyal with Chrome and IE 8 shows that such
// requests are passed through with a training slash, automated testing with Selenium and FireFox
// can include requests for the folder without the trailing slash.
assert path.length() <= prefixLength || path.charAt(prefixLength) == '/';
// Strip off the folder prefix (i.e., "/foldername"), leaving the rest of the path (i.e., "/en/pagename").
path = path.substring(prefixLength);
// TAPESTRY-1343: Sometimes path is the empty string (it should always be at least a slash,
// but Tomcat may return the empty string for a root context request).
String extendedName = path.length() == 0 ? path : path.substring(1);
// Ignore trailing slashes in the path.
while (extendedName.endsWith("/")) {
extendedName = extendedName.substring(0, extendedName.length() - 1);
if (componentClassResolver.isPageName(extendedName)) {
String canonicalized = componentClassResolver.canonicalizePageName(extendedName);
boolean loopback = request.getParameter(TapestryConstants.PAGE_LOOPBACK_PARAMETER_NAME) != null;
PageRenderRequestParameters parameters = new PageRenderRequestParameters(canonicalized, EMPTY_CONTEXT, loopback);
return true;
return false;
}, "after:*");

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@ascandroli ascandroli commented Oct 12, 2012

This module accomplishes three things:

  • The default PageRenderDispatcher will skip Index pages.
  • There is a new Dispatcher that will deal with the Index pages but it's configured after all the other dispatchers with "after:*"
  • This new Dispatcher mandates that Index pages MUST NOT have a context. It forces EMPTY_CONTEXT on all the Index pages.

This is really really hacky code, but somehow very useful.

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