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import math
import time
class AccrualFailureDetector(object):
def __init__(self):
self.last_time = None
self.intervals = []
def add(self, arrival=None):
if not arrival:
raise AttributeError("You must supply an arrival time")
arrival = int(arrival)
if not self.last_time:
# Set arbitrary interval, allow suspicion to be lowered by peer.
interval = 500
interval = arrival - self.last_time
self.last_time = arrival
if len(self.intervals) > self.SAMPLE_SIZE:
def clear(self):
if self.intervals:
del self.intervals[:]
def phi(self, current_time=None):
if not current_time:
current_time = int(time.time())
# Calculate probability
current_interval = current_time - self.last_time
exp = -1.0 * current_interval / self._interval_mean()
prob = 1 - (1.0 - math.pow(math.e, exp))
return -1 * math.log10(prob)
def _interval_mean(self):
return sum(self.intervals) / len(self.intervals)
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