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(airflow) (themisto python/incuba…irflow v1-10-test:+)% ./dev/airflow-jira compare 1.10.1
AIRFLOW-3238 |Bug ||Major ||Resolved |Dags, removed from the filesystem, are not deactiv|1 |#na |1eeb0a4a24fa8541763a67f84ec9f4b034f66475
AIRFLOW-3237 |Improvement ||Major ||Resolved |Refactor example DAGs |1 |#na |fdfb359e4b95dfadfa3973d43025f61f4aa3b96a
AIRFLOW-3232 |Improvement ||Trivial ||Resolved |Make documentation for GCF Functions operator more|1 |#na |d4dff076a6eaf169424822c0010c802f4af80c6a
AIRFLOW-3203 |Bug ||Critical ||Closed |Bugs in DockerOperator & Some operator test script|1 |#na |3dfc9562d3df127ca8337edb600ab6a0259521ac
AIRFLOW-3197 |Improvement ||Minor ||Resolved |EMR Hook is missing some parameters to valid on th|1 |#na |079b0ee95e4a1d37bdb31c477b531db264242bf7
AIRFLOW-3195 |Improvement ||Trivial ||Resolved |Druid Hook: Log ingestion spec and task id |1 |#na |8e55b499b2dcc6e4dc4d86f8225d1424f6886a0c
AIRFLOW-3187 |Wish ||Major ||Resolved |Update airflow.gif file with a slower version |0 |- |-
AIRFLOW-3183 |Bug ||Minor ||Resolved |Potential Bug in utils/dag_processing/DagFileProce|1 |#na |0e98c60268c805639be8cd8c1cdf9a8909f966bb
AIRFLOW-3178 |Bug ||Major ||Resolved |`airflow run` config doens't cope with % in config|1 |#na |5bc4cfa4a7908818877828ed3db1090b71e65b93
AIRFLOW-3177 |Improvement ||Minor ||Resolved |Change scheduler_heartbeat metric from gauge to co|1 |#na |cab121bc036be24bcb1e397f48ca1672e1f73692
AIRFLOW-3173 |Improvement ||Major ||Resolved |Add _cmd options for password config options |1 |#na |e2a238c3a55be5fcb17b5ec64e7165dd954a4bc0
AIRFLOW-3172 |Bug ||Major ||Open |AttributeError: 'DagModel' object has no attribute|0 |- |-
AIRFLOW-3162 |Bug ||Minor ||Resolved |HttpHook fails to parse URL when port is specified|1 |#na |040707b5d830acb96fc6c9a367039ed96aba7231
AIRFLOW-3147 |New Feature ||Major ||Resolved |Update Flask-AppBuilder version |1 |#na |35f996b65a2e68f4e168e3f466f3a939e4fb904a
AIRFLOW-3138 |Bug ||Major ||Resolved |Migration cc1e65623dc7 creates issues with postgre|1 |#na |1234af2995780327517c770bd09daf684563527d
AIRFLOW-3137 |Improvement ||Trivial ||Resolved |Make ProxyFix middleware optional |0 |- |-
AIRFLOW-3127 |Improvement ||Minor ||Resolved |Celery SSL Documentation is out-dated |0 |- |-
AIRFLOW-3124 |Bug ||Minor ||Resolved |Broken webserver debug mode (RBAC) |1 |#na |f9988147999b73f10978f74d37f704dae8e4f012
AIRFLOW-3119 |Improvement ||Minor ||Resolved |Enable loglevel on celery worker and inherit from |1 |#na |23be2a30cd28f236722433a07c536cb17c8515ee
AIRFLOW-3114 |Improvement ||Minor ||Open |Add feature to create External BigQuery Table for |0 |- |-
AIRFLOW-3112 |Improvement ||Minor ||Resolved |Align SFTP hook with SSH hook |1 |#na |35969a426822e5fc9bc2b941b4fe5c5098a5ee52
AIRFLOW-3111 |Bug ||Minor ||Resolved |Confusing comments and instructions for log templa|0 |- |-
AIRFLOW-3109 |Bug ||Major ||Resolved |Default user permission should contain 'can_clear'|0 |- |-
AIRFLOW-3104 |Improvement ||Minor ||Resolved |.airflowignore feature is not mentioned at all in |0 |- |-
AIRFLOW-3099 |Bug ||Minor ||Resolved |Errors raised when some blocs are missing in airfl|1 |#na |25bb0dff64687948f73b3fb86fae4e8476f4f9ce
AIRFLOW-3090 |Wish ||Minor ||Closed |INFO logs are too verbose |0 |- |-
AIRFLOW-3089 |Bug ||Minor ||Resolved |Google auth doesn't work under http |1 |#na |bd7510094de25f2c2bce2a49a3febae28899f3b6
AIRFLOW-3079 |Bug ||Major ||Resolved |Improve initdb to support MSSQL Server |0 |- |-
AIRFLOW-3078 |New Feature ||Trivial ||Resolved |Basic operators for Google Compute Engine |1 |#na |6aeda0fcb2ecbba647a6cede992bf23556c1b05c
AIRFLOW-3072 |Bug ||Major ||Resolved |Only admin can view logs in RBAC UI |0 |- |-
AIRFLOW-3069 |Improvement ||Minor ||Resolved |Decode output of S3 file transform operator |0 |- |-
AIRFLOW-3067 |Improvement ||Minor ||Resolved |(www_rbac) Flask flash messages are not displayed |0 |- |-
AIRFLOW-3064 |Bug ||Minor ||Resolved |No output from `airflow test` due to default loggi|0 |- |-
AIRFLOW-3046 |Bug ||Major ||Resolved |ECS Operator mistakenly reports success when task |0 |- |-
AIRFLOW-3033 |Bug ||Major ||Open |`airflow upgradedb` should create FAB user tables |0 |- |-
AIRFLOW-3030 |Improvement ||Minor ||Resolved |Command Line docs incorrect subdir |1 |#na |ebf2260472c67edb8c4b95b0fbc21e3351fd365b
AIRFLOW-3025 |Improvement ||Minor ||Resolved |Allow to specify dns and dns-search parameters for|1 |#na |db3bcc624667f1d1be25bdbde903b1fcee996ae0
AIRFLOW-3022 |Improvement ||Minor ||Open |Add volume mount to KubernetesExecutorConfig |0 |- |-
AIRFLOW-3012 |Bug ||Major ||Resolved |Email on sla miss is send only to first address on|1 |#na |769c5b3ed20de75489a76d3282f62b748fe8c910
AIRFLOW-3008 |Improvement ||Major ||Closed |Move Kubernetes related example DAGs to contribe/e|1 |#na |bc97e6ee0b6136368d6aebc5c30df848420bb6b6
AIRFLOW-3006 |Improvement ||Major ||Closed |Error when schedule_interval="None" |1 |#na |bc27aace7d23baad145c75171d105e8cd902ece6
AIRFLOW-3002 |Bug ||Major ||Closed |ValueError in dataflow operators when using GCS ja|0 |- |-
AIRFLOW-2997 |Improvement ||Minor ||Closed |Support for clustered tables in Bigquery hooks/ope|0 |- |-
AIRFLOW-2994 |Bug ||Major ||Resolved |flatten_results in BigQueryOperator/BigQueryHook s|1 |#na |e7f73d20462964bf104c7508d3f3d669e7797e49
AIRFLOW-2990 |Improvement ||Minor ||Resolved |Docstrings for Hooks/Operators are in incorrect fo|1 |#na |4f6f496b763f202fcca0de5fdc71f5655d9474f8
AIRFLOW-2989 |New Feature ||Minor ||Resolved |No Parameter to change bootDiskType for DataprocCl|1 |#na |d9af846e8e07874318d85f3c82a0216c3956249e
AIRFLOW-2984 |Bug ||Major ||Resolved |Cannot convert naive_datetime when task has a naiv|1 |#na |152214ea6dd08533aa40e455415c2741259482e9
AIRFLOW-2981 |Bug ||Major ||Resolved |TypeError in dataflow operators when using GCS jar|1 |#na |abb72481557ff0c8a3b20a6bc1d36f970ae9a343
AIRFLOW-2979 |Bug ||Critical ||Resolved |Deprecated Celery Option not in Options list |1 |#na |f04872ed0f8170da48385882f5e04b3c27c46134
AIRFLOW-2974 |New Feature ||Major ||Resolved |Add Start/Restart/Terminate methods Databricks Hoo|1 |#na |a3ecc0ac3cafc9440e875a61d9ac670079b9d2fa
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