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Asil Kaan Bozcuoglu GSoC 2017
Main focus of this project was to connect two Willow Garage PR2 Robots located in different locations using openEASE cloud engine
For this manner I have first implemented a robot interface which is located at the link:
The tutorial of how to use this interface is located at the link:
Please keep in mind that this tutorial is explaining the interface using episodic-memory-logging as the use case. However,
using same instructions it is also possible to reason/learn with the existing episodic memories in openEASE
Using this robot interface, I have extended existing grasping-can-from-fridge with the followings:
1) Connecting and authenticating into openEASE
2) Recording episodic memories into openEASE
This implementation canbe found in pull-request:
Finally, using ARPlaces approach, I have generated some Gaussian-based affordance modelling in openEASE. These models are
ready to use at PR2 in Bremen. Namely, PR2 in Bremen will learn how to approach a fridge by downloading these models from openEASE.
This modelling can be found on GSoC branch of my fork of knowrob_addons (which willbe freezed after the end of GSoC):
All of the commits from June 2017 to now on is basically things that were done for GSoC in this branch.
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