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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Fun with Go interfaces. In this case using io.Writer
package main
import (
type RedisFile struct{
connection redis.Conn // should this be a pointer?
name string
// establish a new redis connection and use name as the working key for the file
func (rf RedisFile) Open(name string) RedisWriter {
var err error
rf.connection, err = redis.DialTimeout("tcp", "" , 0, 1*time.Second, 1*time.Second)
if err != nil{
} = name
return RedisWriter {rf}
type RedisWriter struct{
file RedisFile
func (rw RedisWriter) Write(p []byte) (n int, err error){
_, rerr := rw.file.connection.Do("APPEND",, p)
if rerr != nil {
rw.file.connection.Do("PUBLISH", "cp_test_chan", // publish the file into the file name channel
return len(p), nil
func main(){
f := RedisFile{}
r, err := os.Open(os.Args[1])
w := f.Open(filepath.Base(r.Name()))
if err != nil {
defer r.Close()
_, err = io.Copy(w, r) // Since our RedisWriter satisfies the Writer Interface we can just use io.Copy like it aint no thang.
if err != nil {
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