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Code snippets for converting MPP files to Primavera P6 XER using C#
Code snippets for converting MPP to Oracle Prmavera P6 XER using Aspose.Tasks Cloud SDK For .NET
// Get ClientID from
string clientSecret = "caac6e3d4a4724b2feb53f4e460eade3";
string clientID = "4ccf1790-accc-41e9-8d18-a78dbb2ed1aa";
// create a configuration object
var config = new Configuration{ AppSid= clientID, AppKey = clientSecret };
// initialize Aspose.Tasks object
var tasksApi = new TasksApi(config);
String inputFile = "Home move plan.mpp";
String resultant = "Output.xer";
// read the input MPP file from local storage
using (var inputStream = new FileStream("/Users/nshahbaz/Downloads/" + inputFile, FileMode.Open))
var uploadFileRequest = new PostCreateRequest(inputFile, inputStream);
// upload the file to cloud storage
// initialize the MPP to XER conversion process
var response = tasksApi.GetTaskDocumentWithFormat(new GetTaskDocumentWithFormatRequest
Format = Aspose.Tasks.Cloud.Sdk.Model.ProjectFileFormat.Xer,
Name = inputFile,
Folder = null,
if (response != null )
Console.WriteLine("Successfully converted MPP to XER !");
// save the resultant file on local drive
saveToDisk(response, "/Users/nshahbaz/Downloads/" + resultant);
catch (Exception ex)
Console.WriteLine("error:" + ex.Message + "\n" + ex.StackTrace);
public static void saveToDisk(Stream responseStream, String resultantFile)
var fileStream = File.Create(resultantFile);
responseStream.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin);
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