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Code snippets for converting JPG to PDF using C#
// get client credentials from
string clientSecret = "caac6e3d4a4724b2feb53f4e460eade3";
string clientID = "4ccf1790-accc-41e9-8d18-a78dbb2ed1aa";
// Create an instance of PdfApi
PdfApi pdfApi = new PdfApi(clientSecret, clientID);
// name of intput JPG file
string imageFile = "word-to-jpg.jpeg";
// name of resultant PDF to be generated on Cloud storage
string resultantFile = "converted.pdf";
// read the image file from local storage
using (var file = System.IO.File.OpenRead("/Users/nshahbaz/Desktop/" + imageFile))
// Upload original document to Cloud Storage
// create an ImageTemplateRequest instance defining properties for output PDF
// We have set margin details for PDF and have enabled the OCR properties
ImageTemplatesRequest imageTemplatesRequest = new ImageTemplatesRequest(IsOCR: true,
OCRLangs: "eng",
ImagesList: new List<ImageTemplate>()
new ImageTemplate(ImagePath: $"word-to-jpg.jpeg", ImageSrcType: ImageSrcType.Common, LeftMargin : 10, RightMargin : 10)
// Invoke SDK to convert JPG to PDF and save output in Cloud storage
var apiResponse = pdfApi.PutImageInStorageToPdf(resultantFile, imageTemplatesRequest);
if (apiResponse != null && apiResponse.Status.Equals("OK"))
Console.WriteLine("JPG successfully converted to PDF !");
catch (Exception ex)
Console.WriteLine("error:" + ex.Message + "\n" + ex.StackTrace);
Code snippets for converting JPG to PDF using Aspose.PDF Cloud SDK for .NET
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