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Last active June 20, 2017 15:27
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Mackerel Agent on QNAP

This is how to run mackerel-agent in my QNAP.

Prepare forked version

build a binary

See known problem!

GOOS=linux GOARCH=arm GOARM=5 make build


over01.local is my QNAP.

scp build/mackerel-agent over01.local:~/


ssh over01.local
./mackerel-agent version # It must say something


ssh over01.local
/share/MD0_DATA/etc/init.d/ stop # If running
cp ./mackerel-agent /share/MD0_DATA/usr/bin/mackerel-agent # overwrite

Start agent

ssh over01.local
/share/MD0_DATA/etc/init.d/ start
ps auxf | grep mackerel # You should see mackerel-agent running
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