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Created Sep 21, 2014
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(ns user
(:refer-clojure :exclude [send])
(:require [ :refer [refresh refresh-all]]
[clojure.repl :refer :all]
[clojure.pprint :refer [pp pprint]]
[clojure.core.async :as a]
[ :refer [sh]]))
(def to-listeners (a/chan))
(def pub (a/pub to-listeners :type))
(defn emit [event & more]
(a/>!! to-listeners (apply array-map :type event more))
(defn receive [msg]
(emit :message :content msg))
(def from-listeners (a/chan 10))
(defn send [msg]
(a/>!! from-listeners msg))
(defn print-prompt []
(print "=> ")
(defn adapter-send [msg]
(printf "\u001b[01;32m%s\u001b[0m\n" (:content msg))
(defn adapter-start []
(emit :connected)
(loop []
(let [line (read-line)]
(when-not (or (nil? line) (= line "exit"))
(receive line)
(emit :close))
(defn run []
(a/go-loop []
(let [msg (a/<! from-listeners)]
(adapter-send msg)
(defmacro on [type arg & body]
`(let [ch# (a/chan 10)]
(a/sub pub ~type ch#)
(a/go-loop []
(let [v# (a/<! ch#)]
((fn ~arg ~@body) v#)
(defmacro respond [bindings & body]
(let [regex? (instance? java.util.regex.Pattern bindings)
names (if regex? [] (first bindings))
regex (if regex? bindings (second bindings))]
`(on :message [msg#]
(let [[match# ~@names] (re-find ~regex (:content msg#))]
(when-not (nil? match#)
(on :connected [_]
(println "connected!"))
(respond #"hello"
(send {:type :message :content "hello"}))
(respond #"time"
(send {:type :message :content (clojure.string/trim-newline (:out (sh "date")))}))
(on :close [_]
(println "closed!"))
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