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Atirut Wattanamongkol atirut-w

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atirut-w / Makefile
Last active Sep 15, 2021
GNOME Builder Makefile for LOVE2D games
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PROJECT_NAME = love2d_game
BUILD_DIR = build
LOVE_PATH = $(shell which love)
build: $(SOURCE_DIR)
@mkdir -p $(BUILD_DIR)
@cd $(SOURCE_DIR) && zip -9 -FSr ../$(BUILD_DIR)/ . > /dev/null
@cd $(BUILD_DIR) && cat $(LOVE_PATH) > $(PROJECT_NAME) && chmod a+x $(PROJECT_NAME)
atirut-w / Makefile
Created Sep 12, 2021
Boilerplate GNOME Builder Makefile
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# Boilerplate Makefile for GNOME Builder.
# Please note that if you run your project after making changes without manually rebuilding it, GNOME Builder will do it for you.
# The install target seem to only be executed when you run your project for the first time after opening it.
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function math.average(t)
local sum = 0
for _,v in pairs(t) do -- Get the sum of all numbers in t
sum = sum + v
return sum / #t
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echo ''
#!/usr/bin/env bash
if [[ -z "$1" && -z "$2" ]]; then
echo "PlayMIDI version 1.0
Use fluidsynth to play MIDI musics easily in one command
playmidi soundfont.sf2 midifile.mid"
exit 1
elif [[ $1==*".mid" && -z "$2" ]]; then
fluidsynth -g 0.8 -a alsa -m alsa_seq -l -i "$1"
# Tool: Imad'Ox Bruter
# Author: Imad'Ox Hunter
# Contact:
# Code date: 17 April 2013
# Description:
# Imad'Ox Cracker is a password cracking tool written in perl to perform a dictionary-based attack on a specific Facebook user through HTTPS.
#An APT utility script
#Pretty much all in one. update repos, upgrade packages, autoremove, you name it
#First update to this program:
# +Added ability to add or remove software repository
# +Utilize ppa-purge to remove software repository
# +Some more features
#My banner made using figlet
#This is a simple script that will give you a summary of your system
#You can use this to make your own software or a piece of code but pls credit me
#if you're going to publish it
#Made by Wattana Gaming
#Sample code by
#Color sheet
View da wae.lua
io.write("Do yu no da wae?: ")
wae =
if wae == "yes" then
print("Yu do not no da wae!")
elseif wae == "no" then
print("Yu ar sucks")