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Haskell Stack Mega - Tutorial

Haskell Stack Mega - Tutorial"


  • google for haskell stack
  • install stack
  • find stack bin path (stack path)
  • add stack bin path to user PATH variable
  • building wreq using stack
  • find wreq in hackage
  • stack build wreq (library)
  • stack build lens (library)
  • stack install pandoc (cli program)
  • program is installed at ~/.local/bin
  • the actual package installer is part of ghc (ghc-pkg)
  • cabal and stack are utilities to manage package installations
  • if a project has no stack.yaml we must use $ stack init
  • if stack build fails add dependencies to the stack.yaml file
  • if exit with error number 1 search for library dependencies.
  • if exit with error number 9 probably we run out of memory.
  • to find the package that provides some .so file we can use apt-file
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