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Rob Pike - "Concurrency is not Parallelism"

Rob Pike - "Concurrency is not Parallelism"

Rob Pike - "Concurrency is not Parallelism"



  • the world is not object oriented, is actually parallel
  • concurrency is dealing with a lot of things at once, parallel is doing a lot of things at once, one is about structure, the other is about execution.
  • concurrency is a about by breaking down a program into pieces that can be executed independently.
  • communication is the means to coordinate the independent executions.
  • Paper Communicating Sequential Processes (1978)
  • Paper Communicating Sequential Processes (2015)
  • Performance improved by adding a concurrent procedure to a existing design.
  • There many ways to beak the process down.
  • That's concurrent design.
  • Once we have the breakdown, parallelization can take in and correctness is easy.

Go demo


  • Concurrency is powerful.
  • Concurrency is not parallelism.
  • Concurrency enables parallelism.
  • Concurrency makes parallelism easy.
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