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What are some bad programming practices every programmer needs to be aware of in order to avoid them?

What are some bad programming practices every programmer needs to be aware of in order to avoid them?

  1. Acting like you have all the answers.
  2. Attending meetings all day.
  3. Acting defensively when someone critiques your code.
  4. Giving up too soon.
  5. Refusing to ask for help.
  6. Passing blame to others.
  7. Writing code that prematurely optimizes other code.
  8. Ignoring the opinions of other developers.
  9. Not knowing how to optimize code.
  10. Undervaluing relationships with other members of the team.
  11. Engaging in office politics.
  12. Freezing under pressure.
  13. Being incapable of writing bad code.
  14. Over-engineering simple problems.
  15. Acting like a boss. Not a leader.
  16. Using the wrong tool for the job.
  17. Refusing to research coding questions.
  18. Not maintaining a good grasp on your tools.
  19. Avoiding error messages.
  20. Counting the hours.
  21. Refusing to learn from mistakes.
  22. Being afraid of throwing away code.
  23. Romanticizing your developer toolkit.
  24. Separating yourself from the developer community.
  25. Not having a Twitter account.
  26. Not giving back to the community.
  27. Struggling for hours to solve something, solving it, and not documenting it.
  28. Writing too many or not enough comments in code.
  29. Lazily refusing to update issues for product managers.
  30. Frequently bundling unrelated features into the same initiative.
  31. Carefully coming up with a smart plan with other members of the team, only to completely abandon it and change course entirely when one unexpected thing happens.
  32. Sticking to a thought-out plan that clearly isn’t working.
  33. Consistently apologizing for the bad code you’re writing.
  34. Not spending the energy you should performing code reviews.
  35. Not spending enough time mentoring other devs on your team.
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