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Utility script to solve Word Brain puzzles
""" is a simply utility script that can be used to solve Word Brain/Word Up/any Boogle-type derivative. The code is uses a pretty lazy approach: it loads the word dictionary (generated by SCOWL) into a hashmap, and then uses a recursive strategy to iterate over every possible combination of letters present in the puzzle.
While it is not the most optimized approach, it solves 6x6 puzzles in ~2 seconds.
The code is licensed under the MIT license and free to modify as you see fit.
import mmap
from collections import defaultdict
def is_new_valid_word(word):
return word not in found_words[len(word)] and word in word_dict[word[0]]
def recursive_search(x, y, cur_word):
visited[x][y] = True
cur_word += letters[x][y]
if is_new_valid_word(cur_word):
row = x-1
while row <= x+1 and row < matrix_size:
col = y - 1
while col <= y+1 and col < matrix_size:
if row >= 0 and col >= 0 and not visited[row][col] and len(cur_word) < max_word_length:
recursive_search(row, col, cur_word)
col += 1
row += 1
cur_word = cur_word[:-1]
visited[x][y] = False
if __name__ == "__main__":
word_dict = defaultdict(list)
with open('word_list.txt') as word_list_file:
for word in word_list_file.readlines():
letters = [ ]
print "Type letters. Hit Enter for next line. (Enter a blank line when done):"
line = 0
while True:
temp_line = raw_input("Line " + str(line+1) + ": ")
if len(temp_line) is 0:
line += 1
matrix_size = len(letters[0])
visited = [[False for x in range(matrix_size)] for y in range(matrix_size)]
max_word_length = int(raw_input("Max word length: "))
found_words = defaultdict(list)
cur_word = ""
for i in xrange(0, matrix_size):
for j in xrange(0, matrix_size):
recursive_search(i, j, cur_word)
for key, list in found_words.iteritems():
if key is not 1 and key is not 2:
print key, sorted(list)
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