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Created Feb 22, 2014

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Instructions on how to troubleshoot Behavioral Targeting for WordPress Calls to Action
Here's what you need to know when testing users:
1. Make sure that the wp_lead_id cookie is populated with the right lead id.
You can manually set in the chrom developer tool console with this bit of code:
jQuery.cookie("wp_lead_id", put_number_id_here_sarah, { path: '/', expires: 365 });
2. Make sure that the wp_lead_list cookie is correct.
After setting the wp_lead_id cookie (which naturally sets after a submission or can be manually set with the process above ) clear the following cookies and reload the page to build updated versions of the cookies:
- wp_lead_list
- lead_session_list_check
3. After these cookies are built you should try to load the page to see if the correct behavioral is shown.
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