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Using Fabric to connect to the remote server via an ssh config.
from fabric.api import env
env.use_ssh_config = True
env.forward_agent = True
env.roledefs = {
# key # hostname from config
'foo': ['foo.production'],
ForwardAgent yes
Host foo.production
User username
IdentityFile /path/to/.ssh/keyname_rsa
from fabric.api import local, run, task, roles
def local_uname():
local('uname -a')
def remote_uname():
run('uname -a')

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@aubricus aubricus commented Mar 14, 2013

The "ssh config" is usually located in ~/.ssh/ and named "config". This gist should support encrypted and unencrypted keys. If you're using an encrypted key you can add the key to ssh-agent to avoid a password request every time you connect to the remote.



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@mlan24 mlan24 commented Apr 18, 2018

Very helpful, thanks a lot !

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