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Translation errors


Across the program, "Self Switches" are translated to "Interrupteurs auto." which means "Automatic Switches." It's a pretty serious problem, because it's a fundamental feature, but the current translation creates confusion.

These two should be inverted: they do the opposite of what they say. Ideally they should be phrased in a better way.

"Pas à pas" means "step by step", which makes no sense. It should be "Animé à l'arrêt" which means "Animated when stopped."

"A travers" means "across sth/through sth" which is not specific enough to be clear.

To be perceived seriously in French, you need to use determiners (le, la, les...) precisely. Currently it feels like those commands are said by a caveman. Arthur & Kaila did that well for the VX Ace translation (right) if you need a comparison.


"Héro" is incorrect in French. It should be "Héros."

"Fuire" (Flee/Escape) is an important mistake (it's only done by children and beginners). It should be "Fuir." It's pretty sad to see it in all the games made by children.

There is no reason to put a - in Nom-Automatique. Also, BG is an abbreviation for Background, which is English.

"Assommé" does not convey the same idea as "Dead/KO." It feels more like "stunned."

Same problem than before, It's very hard to explain if you don't speak French, but it feels like I'm reading something from a caveman.

These can be translated to "Type of world/zone" but they should mean "World/zone type."

Those don't mean anything. In English those are Thrust/Swing/Shoot if I remember correctly. They are pretty important. By the way, [SV] is written everywhere, and I guess it comes from Sideview, which is an English word.

"Commande se rappeler" doesn't make any sense in French. Unless you're used to RPG options, it's impossible to understand without reading the manual.

If you need any more examples, please ask. In general, most of the texts are phrased annoyingly. Sometimes even Google Translate would have done it better. That's why, to make a great translation, nearly everything should be changed for better consistency. Thank you for your time!

Aurélien Dos Santos

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