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Last active Nov 18, 2015
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Final Project Guide

Final Projects

###Parsons: Journalism + Design ###Web Coding for Interactive Design November 18th, 2015



  • publish your project and code on github

  • post the interactive demo on gh-pages

  • partner your interactive with some narrative, preferably in html but acceptable in a gist or .md that explains what your visualization says to you and how it complements your topic

  • explaining your process, sources, and reasoning in your with the following sections:

    • Project Title
    • Desciption
    • Demo Link or Hosted/Embedded Visualizations
    • Project Procedure: describe your data processing, visualization selection, and analyses post-visualization

Where to Post/Host:

Please complete your projects and submit them in an electronic or hosted format. That is, you have a few options:

  • submit your project as a repository on github with a explaining your project objective, directories and files related to the code for your project, and a hosted demo on the gh-pages branch as we have seen in class
  • submit your project as a bl.ock with a README.mddescribing the narrative that you derived from this visualization project and what story you can tell from your resulting visual
  • submit your project as a detailed gist, with links to your hosted visualizations, either as github projects, codepen or jsbin or jsfiddle hosted visualizations

Brief Presentations:

We will spend the first minutes of class on 11/24 going over your project pitches, please send me your current assignment/latest project draft before class, and prepare a 3-5 minute presentation of your project:

  • describing why you chose it
  • what resulted from your efforts (share your project with the class)
  • what you would like to do with the project moving forward.

Due Date

DUE: 11/25/15 9AM, in my inbox.

Please send the link to your project repository and any supportive materials to my email

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