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AC changelog
AssaultCube changelog -> Experimental branch
Known issues
1) Coopedit will not work and quite a few custom maps won't work properly.
This is due to lots of changes in the map file format and does not mean,
that those custom maps can not be played in future game releases - they just need to be reworked
(see to check out the reworked maps).
The old official maps and most conservative custom maps should be fine.
2) Due to some physics changes, players of the hotfix client will have some advantages and some disadvantages
compared to the regular clients, so DO NOT USE THE HOTFIX CLIENT TO PLAY COMPETITIVELY.
3) By default, if an incompatible map is loaded in multiplayer, the client will disconnect automatically.
This can be disabled (disconnectonmaperror), but will probably get you marked as cheater, because on incompatible maps,
model clipping may not work properly. Just stick to compatible maps...
General Features
[*] Added backup of saved.cfg and init.cfg
[*] Improved order in saved.cfg
[*] Added mandatory client log file (clientlog.txt)
[*] New authentication system (currently local)
[*] Fully supported maps only with lowercase filenames
[*] Changed gamma feature (see "Video" menu)
[*] New "radaricons" font
[*] Added a clock to scoreboard
[*] Added flag icon in scoreboard at flag carrier
[*] Show accuracy only if scoreboard is open
[*] Added keybind to scroll the output console by mousewheel
[*] Increased speed of demo rewind
[*] Added option to persistent spectating concrete player in multiplayer (spectatepersistent)
[*] Rewriting autodownload feature for packages (much faster)
[*] Added zipped mod packages (zip mods), support for downloadable zip mods
[*] Restored previous quicknadethrow behaviour
]*] Added optional high resolution player skins (thanks protox aka PrimoTurbo)
[*] Added on serverbrowser the number of all players on the servers
[*] Improved order of drawing on the HUD
[*] Added option to show a wall clock on the HUD
[*] Added team frag counters on the HUD for non-flag modes
[*] Added option to turn off flag score hud transparency (flagscorehudtransparency)
[*] Added transparency options for console and votes
[*] Added ktf flag direction indicator
[*] Added additional options to crosshairfx
[*] Improved handling the system mouse and keyboard shortcuts
[*] required a click into the window to grab the mouse
[*] "mastertype" is now in-game cubescript variable instead of a commandline switch
[*] Added "Mod package" menu for zip mods settings
[*] New menu to configure package servers priorities
[*] Improved "Keyboard" menu, fixed binding the keys from menu
[*] Improved "Customize crosshairs" menu
[*] New "Display resolutions" menu to choose recommended resolution
[*] Added alternative views in serverbrowser, "Search for servers" option (see docs/favourites.html)
[*] Added creating map preview pictures during spectating for map menus (CTRL+F12)
[*] Added customisable sort order for file lists (demos, maps) in menu
[*] Added script command for menu items with alternate fonts (menuitemaltfont + \a)
[*] Added tab char to richtext filter in menu items (\t)
[*] Added listing the demos from server in "Download demo" menu
[*] Added custom description of demos
[*] Added searching for map and demo in menu
[*] Added menu output for reference searches
[*] Added radio buttons
[*] Added new settings in menus
[*] Added command line history (commands with leading whitespace are omitted from history)
[*] Added backwards completion in console (LSHIFT+TAB) and undo TAB-completion (LSHIFT+ESC)
[*] Added inlined images (animated) for console text and hardcoded images for menu (igraphs)
[*] Rewrited docs command parser, added option to show more detailed docs (docidentverbose, see also "Misc" menu in settings)
[*] Fixed pasting text from system clipboard into AC console
[*] Allowed more edit commands in coop edit (incompatibility with version)
[*] Changed map version from 9 to 10, with possibilty to save maps in previous 9 version
[*] Improved map header
[*] Added a map license and comment string to the map header (mapinfo_license, mapinfo_comment)
[*] Added timestamp to map files
[*] Added option for integrated automatic embedded map config files
[*] New cleanup tool for hidden map attributes (mapmrproper)
[*] Added map buffers for editing (xmaps)
[*] Relevant update of "editing" menu and submenus
[*] Added auto-generated menus with mapmodels, texture, skymaps, ambient sounds
[*] Added mapmodels, textures preview in menus
[*] New "Map settings" menu
[*] New "Map config operations" menu
[*] New "Map checks and statistics" menu
[*] New "Deleted entities" menu
[*] Added "redo" command
[*] Added undelete for entities
[*] Added map vantage points
[*] Added support for tag clips
[*] Added attr5..7 for mapmodels, mapmodel pitch and roll
[*] Added freely rotating the mapmodels
[*] Added additional text attributes for mapmodels (see docs/reference.xml#identifier_mdlattribute)
[*] Custom mapmodels can depend on other custom mapmodels
[*] Added support for high resolution textures
[*] Added higher resolution for entity attributes, waterlevel
[*] Added tilted and rotated clip entities
[*] Added todo list for entities
[*] Added pin selection of closest entity in map editor (MOUSE3)
[*] New edit info on the HUD
[*] Added option to show all playerstarts in edit mode (showplayerstarts)
[*] Added option to show ladder entities in edit mode (showladderentities)
[*] Faulty playerstarts are displayed as yellow players
[*] Added editmeta keys (LCTRL and LSHIFT)
[*] Added "stairs" command for editing (available also in "Arches" menu)
[*] Added new optional scripts in config/opt/mapeditscripts.cfg
[*] Fixed mouse warping on Windows 10 after "Fall Creators Update"
[*] Fixed crouching, jumping and doublejumping
[*] Fixed maxrolleffect when player gets damages (see maxrolleffect and maxrollremote in references)
[*] Countless major or minor fixes
[*] Migration from SDL1.2 to SDL2
[*] Migration from SourceForge to GitHub
[*] Improved Makefile and added Makefile_local to easier compiling customization
[*] Updated AC projects for: Visual Studio, Code::Blocks, Xcode
[*] Moved AC profile dir to "[...]\My Games\AssaultCube\v[AC_version]" on Windows, "~/.assaultcube/v[AC_version]" on Linux,
"[...]/assaultcube/v[AC_version]" on Mac
[*] If none path to profile is defined, then "profile" folder in main AC folder is used
[*] New assaultcube_portable.bat for portable use on Windows
[*] Fixed AC installer on Windows
[*] Updated documentation
[*] Dropped support for internalization
[*] Dropped curl library
[*] Added temporary aliases (tempalias)
[*] Added about 200 built-in commands and variables (documented in
[*] New commands and variables of CubeScript engine:
!b &b ^b |b h0 format2 tempalias looplisti escape enumalias enumfiles hexbinchunk listoptions getvarrange
[*] New commands and variables for editing:
redo undolevel editsvar editmeta editmetakeydown editing_sp
xmap_delete xmap_delete_backup xmap_keep_backup xmap_list xmap_rename xmap_restore xmap_store restorexmap persistentxmaps
getxmaplist unsavededits
savemap9 savemapoptimised preserveundosonsave mapmrproper worldiodebug getmaptimestamp mapinfo_comment mapinfo_license
setvantagepoint getvantagepoint gotovantagepoint clearvantagepoint gotoposition
hideeditinfopanel updateeditinfopanel editinfopanelmillis hideeditslotinfo hudtexttl showfocuscubedetails calcmipstats
mapmodelslotbyname mapmodelslotname mapmodelslotusage sortmapmodelslots editmapmodelslot deletemapmodelslot mapmodelchanged
loadallmapmodels mapmodelregister mapmodelregistryclear updatemapmodeldependencies
textureslotbyname textureslotusage textureslotusagelist sorttextureslots edittextureslot edittexturestack deletetextureslot
gettexturelist rereadtexturelists gettextureorigin getnotexture
mapsoundslotbyname mapsoundslotusage sortmapsoundslots editmapsoundslot deletemapsoundslot getmapsoundlist rereadsoundlists
mapsoundchanged getmapsoundorigin selectionwalk mapareacheck countwalls
addentity addtodoentity editentity deleteentity gotoentity undelent unlistdeletedentity getdeletedentities newent7
enumentities enumsounds enumtodoentities cleartodoentities
showladderentities showplayerstarts getwatercolour setwatercolour
mdlattribute listallmapmodelattributes getmapmodelattributes
mapoverride_limitwaveheight mapoverride_nostencilshadows mapoverride_nowaterreflect
automapconfig getautomapconfig embedconfigfile extractconfigfile listheaderextras
taglife tagnum tagnumfull tagcliplinewidth showtagclipfocus showtagclips edittagclip transformclipentities
pointatent pointatentmaxangle toggleclosestentpin getclosestent edithideentmask mapmodelzoff
selectall pushselections enlargevdeltaselections enlargearchslopeselections expandselection shrinkselection stairs
[*] New commands and variables for visual effects:
conalpha votealpha hidektfindicator ktfindicatoralpha flagscorehudtransparency hideteamscorehud blankouthud gametimedisplay
igraphanimate igraphdefaultframetime igraphsize igraphsizehardcoded hideigraphs updateigraphs getigraph
getdisplayresolutions desktoph desktopw screenh screenw fullscreendesktop curfont maxrolleffect
ignoreoverride_limitwaveheight ignoreoverride_nostencilshadows ignoreoverride_nowaterreflect
[*] New commands and variables for menu:
menuitemaltfont menuitemeditkeyinput menuitemgreyedout menuitemradio menuitemspectkeyinput menupicturesize menurenderoffset
menuselectiondescbgcolor menuselectionpersistent menusynctabstops menutexturesize chmenutexture menudirlistsub
screenshotpreview curmenu closecurmenu refreshcurmenu refreshcurmenudelayed
[*] New commands and variables for documentation: docidentverbose docrefvisible getdoc
[*] New commands and variables for authentication:
authmaxtime authmemusage authrounds authsetup mypubkey cryptodebug newcert listcerts
[*] New commands and variables related to keyboard: modkeypressed, editmeta, editmetakeydown, _resetallbinds
[*] New general commands and variables:
addzipmod zipmodclear zipmodgetdesc zipmodgetfiles zipmodgetrevision zipmodlist zipmodremove
showallplayersnumber mastertype getpckserver getmod zipcachemaxsize spectatecn spectatepersistent accuracyinfo curname
omitunchangeddefaultbinds omitunchangeddefaults groupvariables debugevents serverdebug autodownloaddebug loadmap
[*] Added many new aliases, scripts
[*] Many existing commands and script upgraded and fixed
[*] Some existing commands removed (for example "lightscale", "c", renamed "fullscreenscript" to "fullscreentoggle")
[*] Improved scripts execution at start (see config/autostart/0.cfg)
[*] Created folder config/opt/ with optional scripts (not executed automatically at AC start)
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