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Simple Webhook Tutorial (Twitter -> Discord using IFTTT)

You can still find the guide in the revision tab. (On phones: A history-like button) However, it is very old and unmaintained, so it's for reference only.

My Discord account has become a victim in the selfbot crackdown. If you'd like to, send an email to with the following:

Hello Discord,
Recently, my dear friend austinhuang#1076 got his account deleted for selfbotting. I believe his actions were not meant to harm Discord and they were wrongfully punished. I know, and he also knows, that selfbotting is against ToS but you could've at least talk to him before deleting his account. I am writing this message to ask you to unban him. He has valuable assets like DiscordTel and valuable contributions like the AD and Webhook huides. 

Thanks for considering these aspects,

<Your Name>

I understand how you feel and will be with you forever.

To reach me, click here or here.

Another note: If you need support, go to (Nowhere associated with me).

ElkoHRH commented Oct 30, 2016

Hi ! When I tweet, anything appear in my Discord Server. I need help ! Thank you

onikolajev commented Dec 1, 2016

The first example of JSON body worked well with webhook
{ "username" : "IFTTT Twitter Test", "avatar_url" : "", "embeds": [ { "title" : "{{CreatedAt}}", "url" : "{{LinkToTweet}}", "author" : { "name" : "@{{UserName}}", "url" : "{{UserName}}" }, "description" : "{{Text}}" } ] }
but I couldn't use 2nd JSON structure with preview:
{ "username":"IFTTT Twitter Test", "icon_url":"", "text":"@{{UserName}} tweeted this at {{CreatedAt}}: {{LinkToTweet}}" }


austinhuang0131 commented Dec 13, 2016

@Sw1cH @mauri1790

{ "username":"IFTTT Twitter Test", "avatar_url":"", "text":"@{{UserName}} tweeted this at {{CreatedAt}}: {{LinkToTweet}}" }

I have the same problem, 2nd structure with preview doesn't work for me. Any suggestions?

Godimas commented Jan 6, 2017

How would you go about including an image thats attached to a tweet - if there is one?

Any chances you could also make one of these, but with facebook?

@SillyBirds shouldn't be too difficult, follow same process but search for "Facebook" and select "New status message by you"

Very helpful, thank you!

aensaro commented Feb 11, 2017

Really cool! I'd want to that for a RSS feed but the content of the feed is HTML and I don't know how to parse it. Here are the possible ingredients for an RSS feed in IFTTT:
000857 if new feed item from http

Ulexos commented Mar 11, 2017

How does one add paragraphs to the part in "content" ?

Is there a way so I can automatically detect the image of the twitter account?

i cant do step 3 because i dont see that wat it said about

NNTin commented Mar 28, 2017

I wrote a discord-twitter-bot.


  • follows multiple twitter users
  • if desired posts in multiple text channels
  • no delay
  • more customization (more control over text formatting, image integration)


  • need a machine running 24/7 (e.g. a raspberry pi) or running it on a VPS which costs money. (Github offers a education pack which gives you $50 store credit on Digital Ocean for free, enough to host this bot for 10 months.)
  • setting it up is less user friendly. I've created a for that reason.

Here is the bot's discord server. Currently it mirrors tweets for 3 games: Dota 2, CS:GO and LoL.

does anybody know how to modify this to have it work for an RSS feed to discord instead of twitter

@austinhuang Any chance you can do a tutorial with Twitch to Discord? Pretty please?


austinhuang0131 commented May 22, 2017

@Godimas @MichaelLawrenceDee It's impossible to determine If it has an image or not, and If it Doesn't it'll Show a stupid image Not found placeholder
@atomicfirepit Go to IFTTT, Twitch, new stream by You, maker,

{ "embeds": [ { "title" : "I'm streaming!", "url" : "", "description" : "Come watch!", "image":{"url":""} } ] }

(The Example is mine so u must replace it or it'll Show me instead)
@NNTin tfw webhook No host No limit

sneak310 commented Jun 3, 2017

This doesn't consistently post the Tweets in Discord. It only catches some of them for some reason.

fourjr commented Jun 7, 2017

is there a way to send a message in discord and it will auto tweet?

cryotic commented Jun 8, 2017

How could I make it so that it doesn't post replies or retweets?

Odin2 commented Jun 14, 2017

Wondering about retweets as well ^

darkash commented Jul 13, 2017

in case anyone still use this, the name is now "Webhook" instead of "Maker"

zecmo commented Jul 30, 2017

Thanks! This was helpful.

@cryotic @Odin2

You can do that by using the "New tweet from search" Trigger of Twitter. And typing in the Search for parameter the following:
"From:TwitterUsername AND -Filter:Replies"

You can add several users separating them with " OR " and many other things can be done, check the api search operators.

Also I wanted to point that the second example, the simplified one, uses "icon_url" which doesn't work and the correct is "avatar_url" used on the first one.

Please note the second script still works, just GIFS will be shown as shortened links, therefore, they don't work.
Images and Videos should show a thumbnail still though.

sigmap commented Aug 31, 2017

This might be outdated now, IFTTT doesn't have recipes anymore

@sigmap use Webhooks
instead of Maker

What are the Avatar_url and icon_url supposed to do? I do not see references for these in the Twitter API documentation.
Having either present in my IFTTT recipe does not appear to have any effect in the post in discord?

Does anybody know how to write a json code to embed images instead of posting urls of the image?

I cannot find the Maker thing in IFTTT, is it only in America or somthing? Thanks for the cool thing =D

oraclec137 commented Sep 21, 2017

Hey. Hope you're doing great , i'm trying to get my emails with a specific title be posted to one of my discord server channels by using and it's webhook feature to connect discord webhook feature, I thought you may be able to help me, i dont know what i'm doing wrong and why it's not working
"username":"Recieved Email",
"content":"There is a new email:",
"name":"Recieved Email",
"title":"Email recieved {{ReceivedAt}}",

@oraclec137 The problem could be with your Embeds and Author being open tags

Pop on over to IFTTT's Reddit page or to the IFTTT Discord Channel for more help with webhooks.

Hey, thanks. can you send me a fixed code thanks @wrathsoffire76

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