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Last active Jul 10, 2017
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open letter

Dear Swift and Apple platform developer communities,

I recently Tweeted that I planned to leave the swift-evolution community, and apologized for a Swift evolution process proposal that had generated considerable controversy within the community for various reasons. For reasons that aren't clear to me, this Tweet went viral and many people replied to the Tweet and reached out to me personally offering support and encouragement. So I felt it appropriate to jot down some brief thoughts.

First of all, I'd like to apologize for any drama I caused. I didn't intend to attract this sort of attention to myself, and I know that we all have many things to worry about daily. I know we live in turbulent times, both in the context of the tech industry (for those of us to which that applies) and wider events, and many of us have a variety of issues we must deal with in our personal lives as well. I hope I didn't upset anyone or add stress to anyone's life.

Secondly, I'd like to appreciate my heartfelt thanks to everyone who reached out to me one way or another. It's clear to me that the Swift, Apple platform developers, and swift-evolution communities are amazing, and that the people in them are kind, wonderful, generous, passionate, and caring. The Core Team in particular has done an incredible job shepherding the community, befriending people on and off the lists, and leading an open-source project of great technical and social complexity.

After thinking about things, I plan to continue participating in swift-evolution and looking for new ways in which I can serve the Swift and Apple developer communities. I hope to listen more, speak less, be more sensitive to other peoples' feelings, and offer fair, well-considered feedback.

Finally, I want it to be clear that I completely support the community decision to revert SE-0110, and to make it clear that the proposal wasn't submitted in an attempt to make Swift more "aesthetic" or "theoretically pure". The Core Team has ideas for improving the type system in various ways, and SE-0110 was an attempt to help make this work possible. I know they will find a way to achieve this goal without degrading the user experience.



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bestwnh commented Jun 21, 2017

Best news today 👍 👏 And please remove the 'speak less'.

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