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Content Kit Template

Thing Content Kit

Current as of Thing 0.2.4


  • One sentence description of thing and its purpose
  • Who/where/what/when/why

Key Points

Reference Materials


  • Source code:
  • Issue tracker:
  • Builds:
  • Docs:

General area of Thing:

  • Docs:
  • Wiki:
  • Feedback:

Relevant product links:

  • Landing page, downloads:
  • Docs:

Presentation Setup and Materials

For any presentation:

  • Internet connection for every device in the demo
  • Backup plan if the network is down (local server, hotspot, pre-recorded videos, etc.)

If demoing on actual hardware (iOS or Android):

  • Strategy for projecting your device's screen (USB webcam, document camera, etc.)
  • Correct USB cable for the device
  • Remote debugging enabled
    • iOS: Settings → Safari → Advanced → Web Inspector
    • Android: Settings → Developer → USB Debugging

If demoing on the iOS Simulator:

  • Xcode installed and updated
  • Simulator installed and launches

If demoing on places for breakfats:

  • Eat eggs with tabasco

Demoing: Things that are Broken

Notes on broken stuff.

Broken area #1

Blah blah

Broken area #2

Demoing: The Good Parts

Introduction / Setup

Blinkle truckonomy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What about X for Y?

What about choppy turf?

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