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Created Sep 14, 2021
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(use-package ido
:ensure t
;; `defvar's to prevent compile warnings
(defvar ido-cur-item nil)
(defvar ido-default-item nil)
(defvar predicate nil)
(defvar inherit-input-method nil)
(defvar ido-cur-list nil)
(defvar ido-context-switch-command nil))
:defer t
(setq ido-enable-flex-matching t)
(setq ido-everywhere t)
(setq ido-create-new-buffer 'always)
(setq ido-file-extensions-order '(".py" ".sh" ".svh" ".tv" ".m" ".c" ".cpp" ".el"))
(setq ido-use-filename-at-point 'guess)
(setq ido-auto-merge-work-directories-length 0))
(setq ido-use-faces t)
(setq ido-vertical-define-keys 'C-n-C-p-up-and-down)
(ido-mode 1)
(use-package ido-vertical-mode
:ensure t
:config (ido-vertical-mode 1)))
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