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Setting booleans in AR
# When params come back from a form, checked boxes come back as 'field_name' => "on".
# So we can use that to update attributes, right?
model.field_name # => false
model.update_attribute(:field_name, "on")
model.field_name # => false
# WTF?

These are the only two that seem to work for me

model.update_attribute(:field_name, "1")
model.update_attribute(:field_name, true)

The best you could probably do here is overload model#field_name= to convert 'on' to true.

Or it might be possible to monkeypatch AR.


Confirm what @scottharvey says, "on" won't work. "1", 1, 0, "0", true, "true", false and "false" are the only values that I think Rails supports. There may also be support for 't' and 'f'.


As @scottharvey said, "1" and true are what I've used in the past, though 1 should also work.

Also, "field_name" => "on" seems weird to me. Checkboxes usually result in "field_name" => "1".


These fields, in the mysql[2] adapter are saved as TINYINTs. So if you were doing a query you would say

select * from models where field_name = 1

So, aside from just true and false rails would need to know what other strings to use for truthy/falsey values.

>> "true".true?
=> true
>> "on".true?
=> false


>> model.update_attribute :boolean, "true"
=> true
>> model.boolean
=> true

So it turns out that the jQuery default value for checked boxes is "on".

The list of values ActiveRecord considers "truthy" for setting boolean attributes is: [true, 1, '1', 't', 'T', 'true', 'TRUE']


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