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Emacs keybindings for vimium. Paste this into vimium's advanced settings.
map <c-n> scrollDown
map <c-p> scrollUp
map <c-b> scrollLeft
map <c-f> scrollFullPageDown
map <c-b> scrollFullPageUp
map <c-v> scrollFullPageDown
map <a-v> scrollFullPageUp
map <c-w> copyCurrentUrl
map <a-w> copyCurrentUrl
map <c-k> copyCurrentUrl
map <c-s> enterFindMode
map <c-x>b Vomnibar.activateTabSelection
map <c-x>0 removeTab
map <a-<> scrollToTop
map <a->> scrollToBottom
map B goBack
map N goForward
map V Vomnibar.activateBookmarksInNewTab
map v Vomnibar.activateBookmarks

raamdev commented Aug 8, 2014

So awesome! Thanks!

I just started learning Emacs in attempt to switch over from vim and wanted a way to reinforce the Emacs keybindings while I was browsing the web (instead of reinforcing the vim keybindings, which I'm already familiar with). This is exactly what I was looking for. :)

@jaswrks throws a 404

dangom commented Oct 2, 2017

This is probably the one: Full set of Emacs-style key bindings for Vimium.. Should be called "full set of personal emacs-style key bindings for Vimium", though.

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