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testing some unix stuff
open Unix
let () =
let server_sock = socket PF_INET SOCK_STREAM 0 in
(* so we can restart our server quickly *)
setsockopt server_sock SO_REUSEADDR true ;
if not (getsockopt server_sock SO_REUSEADDR) then prerr_endline "fail1";
(* build up my socket address *)
let address = (gethostbyname(gethostname())).h_addr_list.(0) in
bind server_sock (ADDR_INET (Unix.inet_addr_any, 9000)) ;
(* Listen on the socket. Max of 10 incoming connections. *)
listen server_sock 10 ;
(* accept and process connections *)
while true do
let (client_sock, client_addr) = accept server_sock in
Unix.setsockopt client_sock Unix.TCP_NODELAY true;
if not (Unix.getsockopt client_sock Unix.TCP_NODELAY) then
prerr_endline "FAIL";
let str = "Hello\n" in
let len = String.length str in
let x = send client_sock str 0 len [] in
shutdown client_sock SHUTDOWN_ALL
done ;;
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