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miniz 2.0.7 -> 2.1.0 Changelog


  • More instances of memcpy instead of cast and use memcpy per default
  • Remove inline for c90 support
  • New function to read files via callback functions when adding them
  • Fix out of bounds read while reading Zip64 extended information
  • guard memcpy when n == 0 because buffer may be NULL
  • Implement inflateReset() function
  • Move comp/decomp alloc/free prototypes under guarding #ifndef MZ_NO_MALLOC
  • Fix large file support under Windows
  • Don't warn if _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE is not defined to 1
  • Fixes for MSVC warnings
  • Remove check that path of file added to archive contains ':' or ''
  • Add !defined check on MINIZ_USE_ALIGNED_LOADS_AND_STORES


  • Remove unimplemented functions (mz_zip_locate_file and mz_zip_locate_file_v2)
  • Add license, changelog, readme and example files to release zip
  • Fix heap overflow to user buffer in tinfl_status tinfl_decompress
  • Fix corrupt archive if uncompressed file smaller than 4 byte and the file is added by mz_zip_writer_add_mem*
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