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Created Sep 18, 2013
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Create new concept / template:
- The name I enter here is the same name/title as I have to enter again in the concept edit-mode page - can this be prefilled then?
- Draft/Published-Button looks a little weird on mouse over and the submenu as well
Available widgets:
- ordering:
Therapy elements (Therapie-Elemente)
Therapy Phase (Therapiephase)
Therapy Block (Therapiebaustein)
Treatment Block (Anwendungsblock)
Single Treatment (Anwendung)
Basic elements: (Allgemeine Elemente)
Single Line Text (Textzeile)
WYSIWYG Editor (Textblock mit Editor)
NO "Textarea"(Textblock)
- The tooltip for "Treatment Block"(Anwendungsbaustein) is the wrong one
- The tooltip for "Single Line Text" has some weird characters in it (the "ü" gehts displayed wrong)
Current Layout (Aktuell Struktur Ihrer Therapieplan-Vorlage)
- line height for the content preview seems to be too low (character like y and p get cut off at the bottom)
- can we add some more padding-bottom to the grey well around it, so it has the same padding as at the top
- the preview for WYSIWYG entries with underline or bold shows up with HTML tags
- for a treatment it´s written Prouduct X WITH 1 treatment (with (mit) and treatment (Anwendung) are not translated I guess)
Edit Modals in General:
- all single line entry form fields are a little to narrow (longer title etc. won´t fit in there) - can we give them the class "input-xxlarge" please
- edit-modals for simple things like "Enter title" etc. look huge - I would suggest to make them smaller and only use big modals for stuff, where we have to show a lot of things
- The label for a widget shows up in English in the edit-modal
Single Treament Modal:
- the steppy-wizard step headings are too small and step 2 looks weird (too far down)
- wrong translations:
--- In the product table we got wrong translations (I know that I send right ones this morning) - e.g. "Meiste Artikel", "Zeige Artikel" or "Größe Seite" and tooltips for next page, previous page etc. - the correct translations are in the dictonary.json file.
---Location = Ort instead of "Standort" (in the dosage & duration table for a product)
UPDATE after 22:15:
- for the dosage we need more things than only "pills" (Pillen), "tablets"(Tabletten):
--- g, kg, ml, l, Kapseln ....what else?
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