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currently working on Korean educational tools.

Andrew Zah azah

currently working on Korean educational tools.
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- name: osqueryd service
name: osqueryd
display_name: OsQuery Daemon
description: Daemonized version of OsQuery
path: C:\\"Program Files\"\osquery\osqueryd\osqueryd.exe --flagfile C:\ProgramData\osquery\osquery.flags
- name: osqueryd Start Mode Restart
name: osqueryd
azah / output.json
Created Aug 18, 2019
grammar forms json ouput
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[{"id":1375,"name":"아무리 ...-ㄴ/는다지만 ","typical_example":"【아무리 돈에 운다지만 】","translation":"Adverb 아무리 flags an upcoming concessive form, which here is contracted from -(으)ㄴ/는다[고 하]지만 no matter how much one might VERB ...; VERB as one might, (nonetheless) ... ; no matter how (much one might, much NOUN is) ... Cf. the adverbs 암만해도 and 아무래도 (from 아무리 해도) do what you might, say what you wish; nonetheless, all the same, no matter what one does or says. ","category_eng":"()","category_kor":"관용구"},{"id":340,"name":"-ㄴ다는2 NOUN","typical_example":"【나날이 달라간다는 숙이 】","translation":"[The person] who says/claims that ... abbreviated from an indirect quotation in –ㄴ 다[고 하]는, modifying the following person, etc.","category_eng":"(Modifier/준꼴 Contraction)","category_kor":"Modifier/준꼴 Contraction"},{"id":1725,"name":"이왕(에)","typical_example":"【이왕에 이렇게 되었으니 】","translation":"Already, now that, as long as, since. Usually followed by -는/-ㄴ 김에, but sometimes by -(으)니.","category_eng":"(Polite Style)","category_kor":"Polite Style"},{"
azah /
Created Aug 18, 2019
do you think god stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he's created
use std::{env, fs, fs::File, error, path::Path};
use rusqlite::types::ToSql;
use rusqlite::{Connection, Result, NO_PARAMS};
use select::document::Document;
use select::predicate::{Predicate, Attr, Class, Name};
struct Entry {
id: i64,
View gist:de82f9bd7ddc9adee39882daee75cd61
View danmuji-docker.nix
{ pkgs ? import <nixpkgs> {} }: with pkgs;
#danmuji = rustPlatform.buildRustPackage rec {
#name = "danmuji-${version}";
#version = "0.1.0";
#src = ${
danmuji = /nix/store/b23ll1r78y6s89k0b4rc625f68x0k9mg-rust_danmuji-0.1.0;
View crates-io.nix
{ lib, buildRustCrate, buildRustCrateHelpers }:
with buildRustCrateHelpers;
let inherit (lib.lists) fold;
inherit (lib.attrsets) recursiveUpdate;
rec {
# adler32-1.0.3
crates.adler32."1.0.3" = deps: { features?(features_."adler32"."1.0.3" deps {}) }: buildRustCrate {
azah / danmuji.nix
Last active Jul 29, 2019
rust alpine nix test
View danmuji.nix
{ pkgs ? import <nixpkgs> {} }:
with pkgs;
alpine-3-8 = pkgs.dockerTools.pullImage {
imageName = "alpine";
imageDigest = "sha256:0p313r6ra7k5bznqcp2nl7rbcjjz1cw1daywmjq1cmwn948hbiys";
sha256 = "0namvnkvdwsjfijyrzf64prsrzd9b35nhv4yi97mqy9dmlbys2iy";
os = "linux";
arch = "x86_64";
azah / Dockerfile
Last active Jul 24, 2019
alpine rust diesel musl test
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## builder
FROM andrewzah/alpine-rust as build
WORKDIR /build
RUN apk add --update postgresql-dev
RUN mkdir src \
&& echo "fn main() {println!(\"if you see this, the build broke\")}" > src/
azah / Dockerfile
Last active Jul 21, 2019
rust build
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FROM debian:stretch-slim
MAINTAINER Andrew Zah <>
ENV BUILD_PACKAGES curl libpq-dev build-essential
ENV PATH="/root/.cargo/bin:${PATH}"
RUN mkdir /out \
&& apt-get update \
&& apt-get install -y $BUILD_PACKAGES \
azah / result.txt
Created Jul 14, 2019
rust .partition() benchmark with rayon
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test utils::tests::bench_msg_non_parallel ... bench: 27,579 ns/iter (+/- 360)
test utils::tests::bench_msg_parallel ... bench: 151,204 ns/iter (+/- 14,879)
test utils::tests::bench_msgs_non_parallel ... bench: 2,272,070 ns/iter (+/- 16,533)
test utils::tests::bench_msgs_parallel ... bench: 15,358,613 ns/iter (+/- 1,205,543)
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