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Last active Dec 4, 2018
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  1. add transaction with C-c C-a
  2. select a date in minibuffer
  3. write description beside a date
  4. make newline and tab to select account
  5. use SCP 4 times to put the "400.000,00" (then use align-region later)
  6. make newline and TAB to select account
  7. use SCP 4 times to put the final amount. but how to calculate the final amount ?
2018/12/03 income from foo
    asset:bank:bri                                400.000,00
    income:foo                                   -400.000,00   <---

I can type the final amount my self for simple transaction like above. but what about N lines transaction. Do I have to call calc everytime I want to put final amount ? doesn't ledger-mode calculate this automatically for me like what ledger-cli did ?

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