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@b0o b0o/termcolors
Created Jul 11, 2018

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# Text Reset
export RCol='\e[0m'
# Regular
export Bla='\e[0;30m'
export Red='\e[0;31m'
export Gre='\e[0;32m'
export Yel='\e[0;33m'
export Blu='\e[0;34m'
export Pur='\e[0;35m'
export Cya='\e[0;36m'
export Whi='\e[0;37m'
# Bold
export BBla='\e[1;30m'
export BRed='\e[1;31m'
export BGre='\e[1;32m'
export BYel='\e[1;33m'
export BBlu='\e[1;34m'
export BPur='\e[1;35m'
export BCya='\e[1;36m'
export BWhi='\e[1;37m'
# Underline
export UBla='\e[4;30m'
export URed='\e[4;31m'
export UGre='\e[4;32m'
export UYel='\e[4;33m'
export UBlu='\e[4;34m'
export UPur='\e[4;35m'
export UCya='\e[4;36m'
export UWhi='\e[4;37m'
# High Intensity
export IBla='\e[0;90m'
export IRed='\e[0;91m'
export IGre='\e[0;92m'
export IYel='\e[0;93m'
export IBlu='\e[0;94m'
export IPur='\e[0;95m'
export ICya='\e[0;96m'
export IWhi='\e[0;97m'
# BoldHigh Intens
export BIBla='\e[1;90m'
export BIRed='\e[1;91m'
export BIGre='\e[1;92m'
export BIYel='\e[1;93m'
export BIBlu='\e[1;94m'
export BIPur='\e[1;95m'
export BICya='\e[1;96m'
export BIWhi='\e[1;97m'
# Background
export On_Bla='\e[40m'
export On_Red='\e[41m'
export On_Gre='\e[42m'
export On_Yel='\e[43m'
export On_Blu='\e[44m'
export On_Pur='\e[45m'
export On_Cya='\e[46m'
export On_Whi='\e[47m'
# High Intensity Backgrounds
export On_IBla='\e[0;100m'
export On_IRed='\e[0;101m'
export On_IGre='\e[0;102m'
export On_IYel='\e[0;103m'
export On_IBlu='\e[0;104m'
export On_IPur='\e[0;105m'
export On_ICya='\e[0;106m'
export On_IWhi='\e[0;107m'
# Status Messages
export Ifo="${IGre}[INFO] ${RCol}"
export Wrn="${IYel}[WARN] ${RCol}"
export Err="${IRed}[ERR] ${RCol}"
export Dbg="${ICya}[DEBUG] ${RCol}"
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