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owl be coding
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RCol='\e[0m' # Text Reset
# Regular Bold Underline High Intensity BoldHigh Intens Background High Intensity Backgrounds
Bla='\e[0;30m'; BBla='\e[1;30m'; UBla='\e[4;30m'; IBla='\e[0;90m'; BIBla='\e[1;90m'; On_Bla='\e[40m'; On_IBla='\e[0;100m';
Red='\e[0;31m'; BRed='\e[1;31m'; URed='\e[4;31m'; IRed='\e[0;91m'; BIRed='\e[1;91m'; On_Red='\e[41m'; On_IRed='\e[0;101m';
Gre='\e[0;32m'; BGre='\e[1;32m'; UGre='\e[4;32m'; IGre='\e[0;92m'; BIGre='\e[1;92m'; On_Gre='\e[42m'; On_IGre='\e[0;102m';
Yel='\e[0;33m'; BYel='\e[1;33m'; UYel='\e[4;33m'; IYel='\e[0;93m'; BIYel='\e[1;93m'; On_Yel='\e[43m'; On_IYel='\e[0;103m';
Blu='\e[0;34m'; BBlu='\e[1;34m'; UBlu='\e[4;34m'; IBlu='\e[0;94m'; BIBlu='\e[1;94m'; On_Blu='\e[44m'; On_IBlu='\e[0;104m';
Pur='\e[0;35m'; BPur='\e[1;35m'; UPur='\e[4;35m'; IPur='\e[0;95m'; BIPur='\e[1;95m'; On_Pur='\e[45m'; On_IPur='\
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output="$(curl -s "" | xmlstarlet sel -T -t -m /rss/channel/item -v "concat(pubDate,': ',title)" -n | head -n $n)";
echo -e "\e[1;31m";
echo "$output";
echo -en "\e[0m"
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output="$(curl -s "" | xmlstarlet sel -T -t -m /rss/channel/item -v "concat(pubDate,': ',title)" -n | head -n $n)";
echo -e "\e[1;31m";
echo "$output";
echo -en "\e[0m"
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# Text Reset
export RCol='\e[0m'
# Regular
export Bla='\e[0;30m'
export Red='\e[0;31m'
export Gre='\e[0;32m'
export Yel='\e[0;33m'
export Blu='\e[0;34m'
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rawurlencode() {
local string="$@"
local strlen=${#string}
local encoded=""
local pos c o
for (( pos=0 ; pos<strlen ; pos++ )); do
case "$c" in
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for {
buf := make([]byte, 1024*4)
n, err := res.Body.Read(buf)
if err == io.EOF {
cbuf <- buf[:n]
select {
case <-cquit:
err = fmt.Errorf("force quit")
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qrencode -o - -s 1 \
"$(xclip -out -selection clipboard)" |
feh --zoom max \
--force-aliasing \
--image-bg white \
View reggie.vim
function! s:regPrompt()
echo "SetReg: "
let l:rawchar = getchar()
let l:char = nr2char(l:rawchar)
call s:setReg(l:char)
command! -bar -nargs=0 RegPrompt call <sid>regPrompt()
nnoremap <leader>" :RegPrompt<cr>
View vim-airline.vim
function! ReggieStatus()
let l:pasteReg = g:GetPasteReg()
let l:yankReg = g:GetYankReg()
if l:pasteReg == l:yankReg
if l:pasteReg == '"'
return 'yp="'.l:pasteReg
return 'y="'.l:yankReg.',p="'.l:pasteReg
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