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Example for setting up CLOUDAPI_SERVICES sapi metadata
> triton -p west1 services
docker  tcp://
> triton -p west1 services -j
> triton -p west1 services -j | json
  "docker": "tcp://",
  "cmon": ""

All sapi metadata takes strings. When adding a json object it needs to be encoded as a string first.

[bbennett@headnode (us-west-1) ~]$ sdc-sapi /services?name=cloudapi | json -Ha metadata | grep CLOUDAPI_SERVICES
  "CLOUDAPI_SERVICES": "{\"docker\":\"tcp://\",\"cmon\":\"\"}",
[bbennett@headnode (us-west-1) ~]$ sdc-sapi /services?name=cloudapi | json -Ha metadata.CLOUDAPI_SERVICES
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