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bahmanm /
Last active Jan 30, 2019
Groovy and Spock (with Gradle)
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Initialises a Gradle project with Groovy and Spock.
# How To Use?
# 1. Save the file, e.g. ``
# 2. Make it executable: `$ chmod +x`
# 3. Initialise the project: `$ ./ YOUR_PROJECT_NAME`
bahmanm /
Created Nov 20, 2015
OCaml `List.group_by`
let group_by (f : 'a -> 'b) (ll : 'a list) : ('b, 'a list) Hashtbl.t =
(fun acc e ->
let grp = f e in
let grp_mems = try Hashtbl.find acc grp with Not_found -> [] in
Hashtbl.replace acc grp (e :: grp_mems);
(Hashtbl.create 100)
bahmanm / shapeofthedate.groovy
Last active Nov 17, 2017
Convert dates to alien looking plots using partial sums -
View shapeofthedate.groovy
// This has evolved into a fully-fledged project called DateDreamer.
// Please check the project's page for releases and more information.
@Grab(group='com.github.yannrichet', module='JMathPlot', version='1.0.1')
@Grab(group='org.apache.commons', module='commons-math3', version='3.6.1')
import static java.lang.Math.*
import org.apache.commons.math3.complex.Complex
View grab-packt.groovy
* @author Bahman Movaqar <Bahman AT>
import static org.jsoup.Jsoup.parse
def cookieManager = new CookieManager(null, CookiePolicy.ACCEPT_ALL)
def doc = parse(
new URL('').text
View grab-packt-racket.rkt
#lang racket
;;; Author: Bahman Movaqar <Bahman AT>
(require net/url)
(require sxml)
(require net/uri-codec)
(require net/http-client)
(require (planet neil/html-parsing))
(require net/cookies)
bahmanm / clojure-tricks.clj
Created Apr 15, 2012
Clojure tricks and useful functions/macros
View clojure-tricks.clj
(defn getfn [fname]
"Gets a function by its fully qualified name."
(let [fsym (symbol fname)
nsym (symbol (namespace fsym))]
(require nsym)
(resolve fsym)))
(defn interpolate [s vals]
"Returns the interpolation of string 's' with a map of key/values."
;Keys in 's' are marked with #{key-name} syntax.
bahmanm / csv-load-and-process.clj
Created Aug 13, 2012
Processing CSV contents
View csv-load-and-process.clj
; Suppose you have a CSV file with the first row being the column names
; and the rest being data. Using the following snippet you can process
; the contents passing each row's contents as keyword arguments to
; another function.
; Example CSV structure:
; +----------------------------------------------------------+
; | customer-code | name | e-mail | address | phone |
; +----------------------------------------------------------+
bahmanm / lazy-list-combinations.scm
Created Jan 4, 2015
Computes the combinations of any number of given lists as a lazy sequence.
View lazy-list-combinations.scm
; Copyright Bahman Movaqar <Bahman AT>
; Source ->
; Tests ->
;; Collects the CAR of each list in the given list of lists!
(define (cars list-of-lists)
(map car list-of-lists))
;; Collects the CDR of each list in the given list of lists!
(define (cdrs list-of-lists)
bahmanm / test-runner.el
Created Dec 10, 2014
Simple Maven + JUnit test runner for Emacs.
View test-runner.el
;;; A quick way to run JUnit tests:
;;; `C-x t u` runs all the test cases in a unit.
;;; `C-x t c` runs a single test case.
;;; Simply add the snippet at the end of `init.el` or `.emacs`.
;;; NOTE: It assumes you are using projectile to manage the project.
;;; By Bahman Movaqar
;; runs all test cases in the current class
bahmanm / simple-constraint-problem.groovy
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Solve the constraint equation: A + B = CD - E = FG
View simple-constraint-problem.groovy
* Solve the equation A + B = CD - E = FG
* WHERE A..G in [0,1,2,3,7,8,9]
* AND CD = 10*C + D
* AND FG = 10*F + G
* AND C not 0 and F not 0
* AND different letters are different digits
[0,1,2,3,7,8,9].permutations().findAll {
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