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Final report of GSoC

Final report, Google Summer of Code, 2019

Organization - Amahi

Project - Amahi Android app improvements


Hello! I am Balaji Ramavathu, final year B.Tech Undergraduate at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad. Over the past few months, I have worked with Amahi to improve the Amahi android app. I have improved the UI/UX of the app, added new features and fixed some bugs in the app.

Work done

  • (#475) Light theme feature
    • Implemented light theme feature. User can choose the theme from Settings in the app.
  • (#477) Migration to AndroidX
    • Migration of the project to AndroidX has been done to have better namespaces in the code.
  • (#479) Material design and UI improvements
    • Implemented Material design using the Material design components library by following Google's material design guidelines.
    • UI of Authentication screen and Music player screen has been improved for better user experience.
  • (#480) Landscape layouts improvements
    • Added persistence of data and views like dialogs on screen rotation.
    • Improved UI of screens in landscape mode.
  • (#484) Friending feature
    • Friending feature lets users share content with each other.
    • Implemented display of friend users and friend requests with their status.
  • (#487) Improving file sorting
    • Added new sort-by-file-type option and other sorting options in ascending order.
    • Changed the UI flow from sort option toggling to selection from bottom sheet dialog.
  • (#489) Last opened of each file
    • The last opened of each file is stored and displayed in a dialog.
  • (#492) Secondary user login
    • Made the already implemented secondary user login feature ready for merging by resolving a pool of merge conflicts.
  • (#494) Music player Shuffle and Repeat options
    • Implemented shuffle and repeat features in the music player for better audio streaming experience.
  • (#495) Thumbnails fetching
    • Implemented fetching of thumbnails of image files from the server and displaying them instead of full images in the files list view.

Future work

  • Adding automated UI testing protocol based on Espresso.
  • More testing needs to be done to the new features before releasing them to production.


This is my first time in GSoC. I had a great learning experience working with Amahi. I would like to thank Carlos Puchol (@cpg) for giving me this wonderful oppurtunity and guiding me throughout the journey. I would also like to thank my mentors Kumar (@octacode), @megabitdragon and special thanks to Chirag (@csoni111) for all the guidance and suggestions whenever I was stuck.

I have learned a lot during this journey, working with large codebase, writing better quality code and working with libraries like Event Bus, Retrofit, Room database and many others. The whole experience made me a better software developer and it will help me throughout my career. A big thanks to Google for this amazing program that can really do wonders in the career growth of young developers. Cheers!

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