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Last active October 11, 2015 18:08
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DocPad: Sitemap Generation

DocPad: Sitemap Genereation

Generates a sitemap.txt file your website. To use add the contents of the file of this gist into your docpad configuration file.

Note: There is now the Sitemap Plugin which generates a proper sitemap.xml file for you automatically instead of the basic sitemap.txt file this gist creates.

# Site Properties
# The production url of our website
url: ""
# Write
writeAfter: (opts,next) ->
# Prepare
balUtil = require('bal-util')
docpad = @docpad
config = docpad.getConfig()
sitemap = []
sitemapPath = config.outPath+'/sitemap.txt'
siteUrl =
# Get all the html files
docpad.getCollection('html').forEach (document) ->
if document.get('sitemap') isnt false and document.get('write') isnt false and document.get('ignored') isnt true and document.get('body')
sitemap.push siteUrl+document.get('url')
# Write the sitemap file
balUtil.writeFile(sitemapPath, sitemap.sort().join('\n'), next)
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