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Created Mar 12, 2013

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BEM HasGeek Workshop Notes (2013-02-24)

BEM HasGeek Workshop Notes (2013-02-24)

  • BEM seems like it solved a lot of today's problems way earlier than everyone else
    • Modules
      • Versioning
      • Installations
      • Requiring
      • Concatination
    • Compilation
    • Contextual Consistency
    • Validation/Linting
  • These days these problems are just starting to be solved by the community, and in a very fragmented way
    • Modules
      • Component/NPM/Bower for installations
      • AMD/Browserify for including
      • They're good, but they don't solve the issue of context (a consistent way of doing things across modules)
    • Templating
      • Plenty of pre-processors out now
      • Handlebars has support for blocks
      • Define different templating engines as "Technologies", modules then specify what "Technologies" they are dependent on
    • Validation/Linting
      • TravisCI
      • Sublime Linter
      • Grunt Linter
  • However, none of these alternatives addresses the issue of cross-resource/cross-task communication (or rather the "context" problem), bem addresses this
    • There are attempts at addressing this outside of BEM currently, however the situation seems a bit dire with many competing non-complete or non-function efforts - e.g. grunt, node-tasks, flatiron, big, component, bower, browserify, es6 modules - non of which solve the whole scope of the issues as well as BEM
  • All in all, it seems the main issue with adopting BEM is the following
    • Large learning curve which may not be justified by the simplicity of the alternative tools out there (this can be good or bad)
    • The lock-in compared to being able to interchange alternative workflow tools out there (this I could be completely wrong about)
  • In conclusion
    • The ideal use cases seem to be
      • Large scale front-end projects
      • Front-end projects where modularization of visual components is incredibly important
    • And poor use cases seem to be
      • Small size front-end projects where the investment costs outweighs the benefit
      • Front-end projects where the design is not modularize-able (could be wrong about this)
      • Back-end projects

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balupton commented Mar 12, 2013


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arikon commented Mar 13, 2013

The ideal use case is startups also. BEM defines structure which could scale when time comes.

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