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Created Jan 12, 2015

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Thank you

Thank you to all the following people in my life, in no particular order

Helen Lupton for being the one person who's always supported me, perhaps even when you're mad at me... and for the most part, making me smile. It's been a pleasure growing alongside you.

Kasper Tidemann for being there with your always supportive encouraging words and laugh when I needed them most, and as well for financially believing in me

Rob Morris for being there to provide business and financial advisory when I most needed it

Harris for being someone I can adventure with, and be a kid with

Christo for always being a shining light and wise voice to bounce logic back and forth over laughs amazing food and giggles

Jose from Data Scientist Retreat, for getting me over to Berlin, and for your persistant words of encouragement since

Kai from Hacker Retreat, for our late night burrito, shopping, and constant vegan expeditions when nothing else was around

Amelie, for showing me what love, fun, and honesty is. It was a pleasure unlocking myself with you, and maintaing our friendship for so long.

Rasagy, Parag, Kiran, Zaniab, and HasGeek, thank you for getting me to India, and believing in me, and allowing me a stage to show a part of myself that you believed in that would help others, which it did

MyPlanet, Jason, Neil, Rob, Yashar, Sebastian, Patrick, for being some of my most amazing overseas friends, support, and team mates, you guys belieed in me, and it was a pleasure laughing, working, and growing with all of you. I've never felt more appreciated and blessed. And thanks for all your contributions to my work, the world benefited greatly. Thank you.

Acid Green, Kiran, Mike, Manu, Sunny, thanks so much for recognising my talents and putting them to the best use for them, it was a privillege to work on such high profile work along-side you all. We created amazing things together.

Bug Herd, Alan, Matt, Vince, thanks for letting me blow your mind and create perhaps the most awesome product and project I've worked on to date, it was amazing and such an awesome experience. We did great.

Aloha Editor, all the many many people, thank you for showing what open-source can be, it left a huge footprint in me, and guided my life ever since, it was so amazing.

B2Evolution, all the many many people, thank you for guiding me into open-source, so great, and so great to be mentored in programming, in life, and in community, by all of you. It was such a privellege at such a young age to have such guidance, and to be able to work on something so impactful, and make such a difference. It was great.

Sue Kendrick, thank you for being my first ever client with our open-source b2evolution plugins. Thank you.

Dean Usher, thank you for taking me under your wing to do amazing things with PHP for you and for your clients. We coded awesome things and it helped accelarate my skills and learn business from you.

Jed Watson, thanks for being awesome, in your own very special focused way ;-) It was a pleasure to help you out, and it was a pleasure to hear your thoughts on things. And thanks for helping me out on my moneyless journey, very much appreciated.

Daniel, thanks a bunch for helping me out with my moneyless living, and just being an amazing chef too. So yummy!

Daniel Skates, Luke Williams, Sam Lintern, thanks for being my awesome hacking buddies at high school and in robotics, it was awesome to share that nerd side and accomplish cool things together

Alex, Joel, Dylan, David, Peter, so good to have been such great friends with you all in high school, and all our amazing LAN parties. So good.

Brett, hope all is well man, thanks for being a good rock in my teenage years.

Michael, Russel, thanks guys, really appreciate the parties and fun times we had together.

Lloyd Johnson, thank you for being my best man, and a huge support for my early adult years, I really appreciate that. I hope life is serving you well.

Jamien, so cool to know you man, was great to learn how to express my entire self around you and in the scene you brought me into. Really benefited both our lives I think.

D, Henry, thanks for sharing and helping make the best years of my entire life. They were wild.

Alice, thanks for being so crazy fun.

Ness, thanks for being my rock in my later years. Really appreciated that.

Alexis, thanks for being a great supportive friend, really appreciate our dinners.

Eddy, hahahahahhaa, so much fun man.

Nikolay, thanks for introducing me into dumpster diving, it's had a huge impact on my life. Your compassion is inspiring.

Kem and Michael and Michael, thanks for being so radical. It's a huge inspiration.

Tin, thanks for befriending a complete stranger to you, and becoming a good dance friend with me.

Sally, it was an honour to dance with you. It felt great.

David, Premala, Karen, it was fantastic to learn from both of you.

David, thanks for the bowen, it was so helpful.

Ryan, thanks for the always chilled and always helpful advice about life and networking. You always had time. You always had help. Thank you for believing in everyone.

Greg, Eoin, thanks for being a laugh, and doing amazing things. It was great to see they're compatible.

Michael, thanks for all your work with the Startup Hostel / Co-Work+Co-Live initiatives. I hope my help helped.

Kavin, Billy, and Billy, you always make me smile. Thanks.

Nelly, thanks for being wild with me, even if it was incredibly short-lived.

Mohammed, Jason, Steve, Pardees, and all the others of that amazing trip, thanks for being good friends in Thailand.

Sven, Rob, thanks for being so much fun, so helpful, and so, well fun!

To my tafe teachers, thank you for inspiring me with programming and helping a young child become a master among rooms full of adults

To my high school computer teachers, thank you for encouraging bending the rules, and the pursuit of knowledge

To my high school chemistry teacher, thank you for teaching me discipline in the art of learning and science

To my high school hockey teacher, thank you for showing me what leadership is

To my primary school computer teacher, thank you for teaching me computing and showing me how to behave

To my PEAC teachers (inc. Jim Boyle), thank you for opening my mind, thank you for inspiring me to persist in my folly

To Alan Watts, even though I've only listened to your tapes, and that you are dead, thank you for teaching me what life is about

To Paulo Coelho, teven though I've only listened to your books, thank you for teaching me show much and showing me what marriage can be, what life can be, and what the pursuit of dreams can be

To Duane Alley, Johny Cass, and Christopher Howard, thank you for shaping my young life is so many incredibly ways - I owe a lot of my success to your courses, compassion, and practice

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