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Last active Jun 26, 2020
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Set up Ecto to run test in Sanbox mode
defmodule MyApp.Test do
use ExUnit.Case, async: true
use Plug.Test
setup do
# Checkout repo manually.
# TODO: figure out how to do it automatically.
:ok = Ecto.Adapters.SQL.Sandbox.checkout(MyApp.Repo)
# Test your business here.
use Mix.Config
adapter: Ecto.Adapters.Postgres,
pool: Ecto.Adapters.SQL.Sandbox, # This is needed to run in Sandbox mode.
database: "database-test",
hostname: "localhost"
{:ok, _} = Application.ensure_all_started(:ex_machina)
Ecto.Adapters.SQL.Sandbox.mode(MyApp.Repo, :manual) # This is needed to run in Sanbox mode.
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GesJeremie commented Oct 1, 2016

You shouldn't do that. Everything is already executed in a transaction and cleaned by itself. I suppose you are running a seed task before to run your tests, in that case ok. Still you could just check with some conditions if the database is already seeded in your seed file ;)

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